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Chef Fred Parmenter CEC, CCE, AAC

Chefs of Parmenter is made up of family professional chefs who live in Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area of Florida- Chef Fred Parmenter and Chef Fred Parmenter Jr.  Each one brings unique flavor, background and skill to the kitchen. Chef Fred Parmenter is internationally traveled, has won several awards and has over 30 years of professional teaching under his belt. Chef Fred Parmenter Jr. has a flare for American and Asian cuisine. 

Chef Fred Parmenter has been in the culinary business since his teenage years and brings over 40 years of professional experience to the table. He grew up in South Jersey and now lives in the Tampa Bay area. His passion for the culinary arts came about at a very young age and was inspired from his father, Frederick Parmenter, who was also a professional chef. He has traveled internationally to cook, teach and mentor around the globe. He is an American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef and Culinary Educator Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs. He was inducted into the "Honor Society of Chefs" and served as the American Culinary Federation Chapter of South Jersey President in the early 2000's. Chef Parmenter's focus is centered around offering cooking classes to the public in and around Largo, FL.

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